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Tainaya Mechta

Siberian Husky | Kennel FCI

Our Kennel 

WELCOME to the official web-site of our breeding kennel "TAINAYA MECHTA"!

Our Kennel is located at the territory of Belarus and specializes in such breed of dogs as Siberian Husky. It was officially registered by World Canine Organization (FCI) in 2013. The name of the kennel didn’t come randomly. First dog of this breed called Tainaya Mechta (“Secret Dream”) was purchased in 2011. Her name than became the name of the kennel. But it was not the only reason. We believe, that everyone has a "secret dream" and, curiously enough, some people dream about a Dog!


Tainaya Mechta Kennel is specialized in breeding of Siberian Huskies, and each birth of puppies is a great joy for us! Each mating is carefully planned, taking into account genes of potential parents.


Main objective of the kennel is to bread healthy and beautiful dogs with correct exterior and stable psyche. Thanks to hard work we succeed. In our kennel you’ll be able to find a puppy either for show career or to become your perfect companion.

After you purchase a puppy from us, we never forget about him. We’re always ready to assist you in raising, up-bringing and show career planning.

Visiting pages “Our Dogs” and “Breeding” can learn not only about our huskies, but also about the graduates of our kennel living in their new homes in Belarus and abroad, about their achievements at local and international dog shows.

At page “Puppies FOR SALE” you’ll find all the necessary data about puppies currently available and about their parents. Please, also conside Rules of Sale Puppies in our kennel.

For more detailed information, please, fill free to contact us!

Our Dogs

Our Siberian Huskies

We have puppies avaliable!

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For more detailed information, please, visit page Puppies FOR SALE or just CONTACT US!


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